2014/01/28 ESP-WG

(ISC)2 Japan Chapter
ESP(English Speaking Professionals) WG 1st meeting

Date: 2014/01/28 7:00pm-9:00pm
Place: KBIZ Shimbashi office

* Attendees
– Gary Rickert
– Hiro Takigayama
– Kevin Adu Sarkodie
– Cedric Kisema
– Keiichiro Oguma ((ISC)2 Japan Chapter Secretary)

* Topics
– (ISC)2 Japan Chapter Event
The event will be held on 3/24(Mon) at Toslove Sanno
Agenda (tentative)
2:00pm open
2:30pm (ISC)2 Japan Chapter Announcement
2:35pm WG Announcements
3:00pm Infomation security sessions (4 sessions, 30 min. each)
5:00pm Drinking party

– Do we need ESP WG?

– Activity ideas of ESP WG
Disussing InfoSec topics and how they impact Japan
Sharing InfoSec certification How-Tos
Discussing about InfoSec movies (e.g. Hackers, Wargame, Sneakers)

– ToDos
Oguma to add ESP-WG page to (ISC)2 Japan Chapter Website
– just 1 page is enough
– should have links to (ISC)2 and related web pages
– should have sidebar to SNS (Kevin knows how)
Oguma to develop the draft material for the event
Hiro-san and Gary-san will confirm if they can speak at the event
with corporate compliance division
Oguma to create ESP-WG facebook page
Oguma to create meetup.com page (may ask Kevin to do)

– Next meeting
Expecting on the beginning of March
Oguma will share RSA Conference info
Discuss about the event material
Date and time will be negotiated later